Frédéric Cossard

Discover a natural wine legend from Burgundy known for crafting wines of stunning purity

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We are proud to announce our next event with the usual mixing of great wines and music at Fidelio on Friday 7th October.

The evening will start with the guided wine tasting that Seb has made us familiar with over past events, where a banging selection of natural and low-intervention wines accessible to everyone will be presented and sampled.

This time the music offering will be spiced up by a live session of piano and saxophone accompanying our merry time while Fidelio’s own Matt Parkinson will be churning out a curated selection of small plates and charcuterie.

As we’ve seen in the past, there will of course be a ridiculously large selection of wines at retail prices, with a healthy peppering of those hard-to-find unicorn bottles!

Doors open at 6:30 pm, Wine tasting kicks off at 7pm.

8pm, the kitchen opens and the live music starts.


Vino di Anna - Etna

Nestled high on peaks on Mount Etna - at 975m above sea level to be exact - lies Vino di Anna of Eric Nario and Anna Mertens. The couple founded their volcanic project in 2008, before purchasing their first vineyard in 2010, alongside an old palmento.

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Known as Glou Glou or ''Vin de Soif'' in France - Glug Glug wines are ones which are made for glugging and are associated with carbonic maceration. Often lower in alcohol and juicier than most, these more-ish wines are fresh and inviting. You won’t be disappointed with any bottle from this selection , they are fruitful, easy drinking and enjoyed any time of day.

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Sip Wines is a carefully curated, paired back approach to your usual online wine shop, which delivers a variety of hand selected organic and biodynamic wines from around the world at competitive prices.

Dedicated to supplying a variety of wines from our favourite suppliers, we act as the midpoint between the producer and customer. Our stripped back approach, ensures each bottle has minimal costs attached to it and is delivered through a quality controlled service.

A once informal wine tasting events company launched in March 2020, Sip Wines quickly transformed from a knowledgeable wine tasting events brand to a no-frills, online bottle shop, which focuses solely on selling carefully hand-picked wines from a passionate team who have a longstanding history in wine.

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Sip Wines emerged during lockdown in a bid to provide enthusiastic wine drinkers with an opportunity to try a selection of top quality low intervention wines from around the world at accessible prices. Working with our favourite producers, each bottle has been carefully chosen and our no-frills approach ensures each customer can enjoy their favourite bottle at the lowest possible price. This does mean however, that we cannot offer you any fancy packaging, just excellent wine at near trade prices, alongside an impeccable service.