About us

Sip Wines is a carefully curated, pared back approach to your usual online wine shop, which delivers a variety of hand selected organic and biodynamic wines from around the world at competitive prices. 

Dedicated to supplying a variety of wines from our favourite suppliers, we act as the midpoint between the producer and customer. Our stripped back approach, ensures each bottle has minimal costs attached to it and is delivered through a quality controlled service. 

A once informal wine tasting events company launched in March 2020, Sip Wines quickly transformed from a knowledgeable wine tasting events brand to a no-frills, online bottle shop, which focuses solely on selling carefully hand-picked wines from a passionate team who have a longstanding history in wine.  

 SIP Wines Shop

Sip Wines emerged during lockdown in a bid to provide enthusiastic wine drinkers with an opportunity to try a selection of top quality low intervention wines from around the world at accessible prices. Working with our favourite producers, each bottle has been carefully chosen and our no-frills approach ensures each customer can enjoy their favourite bottle at the lowest possible price. This does mean however, that we cannot offer you any fancy packaging, just excellent wine at near trade prices, alongside an impeccable service.

SIP Wines Events

SIP Wine Events (informal wine tasting and nibbling) was launched in March 2020 with a focus on providing an in-depth knowledge of wine to wine lovers that are not in the hospitality industry. Launching in March, the event was a huge success and showcased six indigenous and forgotten Italian grapes with an Italian-style antipasto nibbling grazing table at the Farewell Cafe. 

A follow up event focusing on long macerated/Orange wines will be our next event theme, once government restrictions are lifted.


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