Si Rose VdF, Domaine Christian Binner

Domaine Christian Binner


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Winemakers since 1770, the family operates 11 hectares of vineyards, a large majority in Coteaux and particularly on prestigious Grands Crus, Kaefferkopf, the Schlossberg and Wineck-Schlossberg. Monique, Beatrice and Joseph Christian Binner have divided the various tasks on the estate with the help of two further employees, Christian and Philippe.

Packed with flavor. Herbal and spicy notes. Full bodied, long mineral finish.

Producer   Domaine Christian Binner

Origin Ammerschwihr, Alsace, France

Grapes 35% Pinot Gris, 65% Gewurztraminer

Vintage Non vintage

Alcohol 14% ABV

Style Medium body natural rose

Bottle size 750ml

Winemaking Manual harvest, this wine was made by blending in equal proportions, two vintages: 50% of the Si Rose 2016 (which macerated for eight months), with 50% Si Rose 2017 (which macerated for eight days). The maceration, the fermentation and the ageing took place in the estate’s one-hundred-year-old oak barrels, without temperature control, in the Binner’s brand-new bioclimactic winery.  No filtration and no fining, no sulphur added whatsoever.

Notes Biodynamic, Organic, Natural