Sussumante, L'Archetipo 2021



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“The wine is just a tool” says Domenico, referring to the deeper vision of his family’s winery, l’Archetipo.  His father, Valentino, began the project in 2010 after co-founding one of Puglia’s first organic-certified wineries, and then pushing further into biodynamics.  A life-long farmer and trained agronomist, he still felt more was needed to bring life into his vineyards, and combined Steiner’s philosophy with learnings taken from the work of Masanobu Fukuoka to found l’Archetipo on the principles of Synergistic Agriculture.  L’Archetipo - The Archetype - is about defining and striving towards an ideal expression of their land through their wines, while restoring the land to its primal form as a living, breathing entity, teeming with microflora and microfauna, persisting in equilibrium.  The wine is a tool not only to guide them towards regenerating their soils, but also to communicate the value of their broader mission to the world. 

Very special sparkling rosé made from the local Susumaniello variety. The sort of wine that really bridges the gap style-wise between a fruity and fun pet nat and a more serious and textured traditional method sparkling. Beautiful colour, bursting with fruity energy and a lovely yeasty edge with a long finish.

Susumaniello is one of many rare indigenous varieties that they are growing as part of a research project with the University of Bari to salvage the viticultural heritage of Puglia.

Producer   L'Archetipo of Valentino Dibenedetto and sons

Origin Puglia, Italy

Grapes Sussumante

Vintage 2021

Alcohol 12.5% ABV

Style Sparkling rose

Bottle size 750ml

Winemaking Manual harvest, destemmed grapes fermented on skins for 36 hours before press. Before the end of fermentation tranfered to presurised tank to capture the CO2. Unfiltered and unfined and bottled with a minimum amount of sulphur.

Notes Biodynamic, Natural, Organic