Soif!, Les Funambules 2021

Les Funambules

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1Family history here dates back to 1850 but domaine bottling only started in 1965 under André Thomas.  Son Francois took over in 1985 and was one of the first early convertees to organic viticulture in 1997. His work in the vineyard is fastidious and he uses a horse to plough between the vine rows on the steep hillside of Kaefferkopf. He was joined by his son Gilles in 2012 and four years later by his daughter Suzy. They want to carry on their father’s work and go even further in their ecological approach. Creating more biodiversity in this monocultural landscape is an obsession, the ultimate goal being to recreate an environment that closely mimics the vines’ natural habitat so they can be more independent and less reliant on organic treatments to fight off pests and diseases.

An interesting sparkling, slightly rustic and joyful similar to a pet-nat. Made out of grapes and apples co-fermented can be enjoyed as an aperitif. 

Producer   Les Funambules

Origin Ammerschwihr, Alsace, France

Grapes 40% Apples, 40% Auxerrois (grapes), 20% water 

Vintage 2021

Alcohol 9% ABV

Style Light body sparkling

Bottle size 750ml

Winemaking Manual harvested, Apples, grapes, water, cofermented. Fermentation finishes in btl hence bubbles. No filtration, no fining and no added sulphur

Notes Biodynamic, Organic, Natural