Rosso di Valtellina, Dislivelli 2020



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Gian Piero farms one hectare in Valtellina’s most prestigious cru: Sassella. His vines are in the ‘Rocce Rosse’ subzone, a small area characterised by iron-rich soils, red gravel and a bit of clay. The steep slope is at about 30 degree inclination and overlooks the beautiful Valtellina valley near the town of Sondrio. He farms biodynamically but takes it further and never tills/ploughs the soils. Over the course of many years this leads to a self balancing ecosystem and much better resilience.

This tiny plot of land produces extremely expressive and healthy grapes from which he is able to make this red nectar.

Pure Nebbiolo essence!

Producer   Dislivelli

Origin Valtellina, Lombardia, Italy

Grapes Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo)

Vintage 2020

Alcohol 12.5% ABV

Style Medium body elegant red

Bottle size 750ml 

Winemaking Manual harvested, destemmed in a way that keeps beeries intact. Fermented on skins for 71days with indigenous yeast in terracotta without punchdowns or pumpovers, then transfered in Clavyer amphora (250L) and aged for 1 year.  Unfiltred and unfined. No sulphites added.

Notes  Natural, Organic, Byodinamic