Marina Mtsvane Qvevri, Marina's Wine 2020

Marinas Wine


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Marina is married to Iago Bitarishvili of Iago’s Winery, so she has been a part of the wine making process for her entire life in everything but name. In fact, it was her husband, Iago, who first encouraged Marina to make wine.

A great orange wine, made from Mtsvane – a native grape of eastern Georgia - this is not just an impressive, delicious orange wine, but also incredibly good value.

Producer  Marina's Wine 

Origin Kartli, Georgia

Grapes 100% Mtsvane

Vintage 2020

Alcohol  12.5% ABV

Style Medium body macerated white wine

Bottle size 750ml

Winemaking Manual harvested, fermented in terracotta qvevri which are buried in the floor of the cellar.  Undergoes malolactic fermentation un qvevri. Bottled without fining or added sulphur

Notes Organic, Natural