PM&M Folle Blanche du Pays Nantais, Pierre Luneau 2022

Pierre Luneau-Papin


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Pierre Luneau and Monique Apin set up the Domaine Luneau-Papin in 1993. Their son, Pierre-Marie (who is the eighth generation of the family to be a vigneron) joined them in the family venture in 2005. Pierre and Monique were both born into prominent local wine-producing families; Pierre’s family, the Luneau family, in Le Landreau since 1680), and Monique’s family, the Papin family, in La Chapelle-Heulin since 1660).

Delicate nose of citrus and white flowers, there is freshness on the palate and a salty, iodine-tinged character. A touch of prickliness from the lees and a crisp lemony finish.

Producer   Domaine Pierre Luneau Papin

Origin  Loire, France

Grapes Folle Blanche

Vintage 2022

Alcohol 11% ABV

Style Light body white 

Bottle size 750ml

Notes Minimum intervention, aged on lees, Organic