Elixir, Muchada-Leclapart 2019



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Muchada-Léclapart is the project of David Léclapart (famed French producer of Champagne) and Alejandro Muchada (winegrower from Cádiz) in “Marco de Jerez”, a historic wine region, located on the Atlantic coast of Andalusia. Together they are implementing the experience and knowledge of David in biodynamic agriculture as well as the French school of good winemaking. Its objective is to create a great white wine, without flower veil and without fortification, based on the respect and care of the soul of Jerez: the Albariza land and the Palomino grape.

Located within the best vineyard lands of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in the historic “Pago Miraflores”, taking advantage of the cool climate of the Atlantic Ocean, they have recovered three hectares of mostly old vineyard from ancient mass selections of Palomino fino and Muscat from Chipiona.

They use minimal intervention techniques to make the wine: they add minimum sulphur (only 10% of what is usual), they do not use selected yeasts or acids to rectify the acidities, they preserve the lees and they bottle without filtering. Overcoming the risks, with delicate and careful work, the result they achieve is sublime: a dry, saline and mineral white wine, with subtle aromas, long on the palate, and absolutely gastronomic.


Élixir is our life perfume; feminine, floral, demure, fine and with a beautiful tension between the nose and the mouth; the dialogue between the muscat of sand and the “palomino” of “albariza”. Its grape comes from one of the oldest vines that can be found from the local Muscat of Chipiona, coarse-grained, from sandy and clay soils of the “Pago Abulagar”, and the palomino grape from old vines of our beautiful plot “La Platera”, from the “Pago Miraflores” with which we make Lumière.

Producer  Muchada-Leclapart

Origin Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Andalucia, Spain

Grapes 60% Palomino, 40% Muscat

Vintage 2019

Alcohol  12.5% ABV

Style Full body white

Bottle size 750ml

Winemaking Manual harvest, fermented and vinified in used Bordeaux barrels (from 2013) for 9-10 months. Spontaneous fermentation; without rectification of any kind. Minimum initial sulphite. Work on lees. Without filtering or cold stabilizing. Rinse with bentonite at low intensity from 2018.

Notes Organic, Biodynamic, Natural