Birdscape White, Christian Tschida 2019

Christian Tschida


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Christian Tschida started his career long before he ever bottled wines under his own label. In fact, for a long time Christian was experimenting with different techniques, methods and vessels, long before the ’natural movement’ was widely established in Austria. The Tschida family is a long-lasting legacy of winemakers in the village of Illmitz on the Eastern shores of Neusiedlersee. In addition to his family vineyards, Christian has also invested in new (and old) vineyards in the village of Purbach located on the opposite side of the lake within the Leithaberg mountain range.

In total, Christian owns around 14 hectares of vineyards on both sides of the lake, working with a vast variety of indigenous grapes, as well as personal favorites such as old-vine Cabernet Franc and Syrah on pure limestone. Christian’s perfectionist approach is apparent in both the vineyards and cellar. Christian’s biggest investment are his vineyards. His vertical press (the only technical tool he uses) imitates the pressure of a handshake, meaning that only the brightest and purest juice is used. In the cellar, Christian now works with large barrels ranging from 1000L to 3000L in size, which to him, give the ideal balance of freshness and maturation.

The vineyard for this special field blend, based in the small village of Purbach, is situated on a bed of limestone, mixed with a rich diversity of quartz, schist and other sediments. Lots of Chenin, some Pinot Blanc, Grüner, Scheurebe and others. Double planting system (two vines planted side by side) increasing competition in the vines. Adds lots more complexity to the vines. By double planting, it pushes back the harvest date by two weeks. Allows for stability in the wines, and an extra two weeks for aromas to develop (more metabolism in the vines). Idea is to increase competition in the vineyard. If they survive the competition, they are invincible.

Producer  Christian Tschida

Origin Burgenland, Austria

Grapes Chenin Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Gruner Veltliner, Scheurebe

Alcohol 12% ABV

Style Medium body natural white

Bottle size 750ml

Winemaking Manual harvested, macerated for a few hours and gently pressed. Fermented and aged in large wooden vats. Unfiltred, unfined and minimal SO2 added. 

Notes Natural, Organic