Alsace Deux Couleurs Rouge, Yannick Meckert 2020

Yannick Meckert


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Yannick was raised between Alsace and Burgundy and after a short experience in the family domaine he understood that he's path was different, prefering a more natural and sustainable approach. He ended up working for producers like  Philippe Pacalet, Patrick Meyer, Charles Dufour, Christian Binner, Le Coste and many more who have provided him a huge experience in the field. 

He owns small plots in Alsace planted with local grapes such as Auxerrois, P Noir, P Gris, Sylvaner, Riesling and Gewurztraminer worked according to biodynamic principles, without the use of machines and  favoring small yelds. 

Producer   Yannick Meckert

Origin  Alsace, France

Grapes Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris

Vintage 2020

Alcohol 12% ABV

Style Light body natural red

Bottle size 750ml

Winemaking Manual harvested, grapes gently pressed, fermented with indigenous yeast without temp control. Aged in fibre glass and old oak.  Unfiltred, unfined. No added sulphur

Notes Biodynamic, Organic, Natural