PN22, Tillingham Wines 2022



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Strawberry and peach cobbler. Bright berry fruit, with creamy, bready characters balanced nicely with round, gentle acidity and a soft pétillance.

Producer   Tillingham

Origin Sussex, England

Grapes   Pinot Noir, Rondo, Phoenix, Seyval Blanc

Vintage 2022

Alcohol 10.5%

Style Natural sparkling 

Bottle size 750ml

Winemaking Whole bunch pressed in a pneumatic press and co-fermented. The Regent is the Tillingham R, a semi carbonic red from concrete tank. The Ortega came from a conventional grower in Essex, the Precoce and the Regent again grown conventionally in Sussex vineyards. The rest, and the majority of the grapes were grown in a local vineyard without systemic pesticides. Bottled in November 2020 with 8 g/l added sugar, the wine underwent second fermentation in bottle but was not disgorged. Sparkling and with some bottle sediment.

Notes Biodynamic, Natural, Organic