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Vinu Jancu White, La Garagista 2017

La Garagista

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La Garagista farm and winery began in 2010. They farm three parcels of co-planted, alpine varietals that are horticultural crosses of vinifera and native riparia and labrusca vines. They are practicing biodynamic and also pull from organic and permaculture concepts. The home farm and vineyard is situated in the Chateauguay, a protected forest in Barnard, Vermont (16oo feet) where they also grow vegetables and raise some livestock for their restaurant. In the vineyard they plant vegetables between the vines focusing on root vegetables, escaroles, chicories and flowers, all things that aid the soils in this parcel. The other two parcels are in the Champlain Valley (184/194 feet) and are close to Lake Champlain. No-till and natural field cover crops are part of the farming at these two vineyards, encouraging the flora and fauna particular to each microclimate.

Homage to a very special vineyard on Mount Etna named Vinujancu this wine from the hybrid La Crescent grape. Hazy golden-orange, musky, wild mint, tarragon, white strawberry, little golden plums and pears, skinsy and grippy, and oh-so-alive.

Producer   La Garagista

Origin Vermont, USA

Grapes La Crescent descendent from Muscat d’Ambourg

Vintage 2017

Alcohol 12% ABV

Style Full body natural white

Bottle size 750ml

Winemaking Manual harvested, destemmed, fermented in small fibreglass open vat with indigenous yeast.  Natural malolactic fermentation Matured in glass demijohns on the skins over winter. No filtration nor fining, sulphur added two months prior to bottling

Notes Biodynamic, Natural, Organic