Furmint vom Kalk, Weingut Franz Weninger 2020

Franz Weninger


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Franz views Furmint as the white equivalent to Blaufrankisch, a wine built on the backbone of high acidity. Furmint performs very well in Austria (albeit on different soils to those of Hungary which tend to have a volcanic basis). 

A touch of cinnamon on the nose, floral of white flowers, fresh limes. Nothing exuberant, nothing bawling. Pure happiness on the palate, finely structured, salty, crisp acidity, precise and clear, like a mountain creek. Again subtle cinnamon notes, citrus potpourri.

Producer   Weninger

Origin Horitschon, Burgenland, Austria

Grapes Furmint

Vintage 2020

Alcohol 9.5% ABV

Style Light body aromatic white

Bottle size 750ml

Notes Biodynamic, Organic, Natural