Entre Les Eaux Blanc, Domaine Nicolas Carmarans  2017

Entre Les Eaux Blanc, Domaine Nicolas Carmarans 2017

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Nicolas Carmarans ran a wine bar in Paris called Café de la Nouvelle Mairie for many years. He sold it to concentrate on his vineyard in Aveyron in the South West of France making wines from local grape varieties such as Fer Servadou, Negret de Banhars, Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc. The 3.3 ha of vines are farmed organically and in the cellar there is minimal intervention; native yeasts are used, there is no temperature control, minimal use of sulphur and no filtration.

Nicolas had lost a huge amount of his white grape production in 2017 because of frost damage. He ended up with only 500 litres of white juice from his four hectares of white grape variety vines, and he therefore did not have enough Chenin to produce a 100%-Chenin wine that he usually makes, called ’Selves’. He decided not to produce the wine called ’Selves’ and decided, instead to use what Chenin he had and blend it with some Aligoté that came from a friend of his located in Macon, who had not suffered from frost damage at all.

Producer  Nicolas Carmarans

Origin Aveyron, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Grapes 40% Chenin with 60% Aligoté

Vintage 2017

Alcohol  11.5% ABV

Style Medium body white

Bottle size 750ml

Winemaking Manual harvested, whole bunch. Pressed whole in a very typical, traditional Burgundy vertical screw press.  One and a half months of wild yeast fermentation, without temperature control, in wooden 228-litre Burgundy barrel. and then 9 months of lees-ageing in the same Burgundy barrel, during which undergoes full malolactic conversion. No filtration or fining, minimal use of sulphur

Notes Natural, Organic