Engel auf Erden Christian Tschida, Wax / Wine Candle

Wax Wine

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Wax Wine is a project started by Magali Bellego. After spending the last decade working in hospitality, she became fascinated with the industry, and concerned about the bigger environmental issues around the waste created in the food and beverage sector. She decided to take it upon herself to create high-quality, sustainable, and beautiful products out of excess materials. And thus, Wax / Wine was born, contributing to the circular economy and minimising waste.

She collects and repurpose natural wine bottles from bars and restaurants in east London, and turn them into something new. She’s inspired by the biodynamic practice found in winemaking which works alongside the lunar calendar, mirroring the waxing and waning of the moon - a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, which is a recurring theme of Wax / Wine as a business model.

Nothing but natural ingredients are used in the making process of the products: the best quality plant-based wax, 100% essential oils, cork lids and crackling wooden wicks. All candles are not only eco-friendly and sustainable, but also toxin free. We believe strongly in working with nature, and not against it. Like in our favourite wines, no nasties are added!


Enjoy an inspiring fragrance of your choice and the soothing sound of a cracking fire made by our wooden wicks. Relax as its flame releases the tranquil aromatherapy essence into the air.

Scent  UPLIFTING Juniper + Lemongrass

Materials Coconut and Rapeseed Wax, 100% Essential Oils, Crackling Wooden Wick

Burning Time  220g Approx 55-70hr 

Every candle comes with a complimentary bottle top to use as candlestick or flower vase.

There is minor expected wear and tear from their original life and may have minor imperfections.

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Never burn a candle on or near anything that might catch fire. Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets